Street Name Signs

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Street Name Signs: According to the MUTCD 2009, the lettering for the names of places, streets, and highways on conventional road guide signs shall be a combination of lower-case letters with initial upper-case letters.

Also, see our full line of Street Name Sign Hardware for Flat and Extruded Sign Blades.

Need HELP determining your sign blade length? Click Here

Blade Sizes:
Extruded – height: 6” (conventional) or 9″ (conventional) x .090” thick
Flat – height: 12” (conventional), 8” (min), or 18” (max) x .080” thick

Blade Lengths: Click Here to View Pdf
Extruded or Flat: variable based on upper and lowercase copy length.
Background Finishes:
EG: Engineer Grade (reflective) HI: Hi-Intensity Prismatic (reflective)

Background Colors: Specify at time of order. (1) Green (standard), (2) White, (3) Blue or (4) Brown

Reflective Lettering: EG or HI
White on dark (green, blue or brown) background or black on white background.

Copy (text):
Copy must be upper and lower case and be type written, approved and final with order placement.

Street Name Sign Hardware: Click Here to View Pdf

Custom Street Name Signs:
Special artwork, logos, type-fonts, colors, sizes and Baked Enamel (non-reflective) surface available.
*Pdf Library of Guide & Street Name Signs is a quick visual guide. Please reference the current MUTCD (Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices) for recommended sign sizes and placement. To confirm your specification requirements, consult your State or Local Government Representative.


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